Trading Console

Trading Console is a highly customizable and powerful application where you can run QuantOffice strategies in live or live simulation trading modes.

Key Features

  • Create and manage various configurations for a given strategy with different parameters.
  • Deploy and un-deploy QuantOffice strategy configurations or groups of strategy configurations for live trading on single or multiple servers.
  • Monitor trading instruments, order processing events, and open positions in real-time.
  • Perform manual interventions on various levels starting from orders to the entire server: manage running strategies, orders, positions, halt trading and manual trading.
  • Monitor your execution statistics and tailor monitors and reports to your specific needs.
  • Trading Console can be extended via an easy-to-use plug-in infrastructure. It allows seamless integration including custom monitors embedded as part of the strategy. In addition, users can create strategy-specific GUI elements for use during live trading including the ability to control aspects of strategy execution (“gray-box” trading).

trading console