Key Features

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Market Connectivity

Connect your strategies and algorithms to tradable energy assets across the globe. Combine it with the extendable and ever-growing list of connectors for cross-asset trading, hedging, and risk management.

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Strategy Development

Use the QuantOffice Studio together with the data stored in TimeBase to develop and deploy advanced custom trading strategies, models, and algorithms, supporting .NET, and Python. Use MS Visual Studio Code or Visual Studio for effective coding and debugging. The execution server also provides an ultra-low latency API for building and running custom Java algos.

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Backtesting and Paper Trading

Backtest your models and algorithms using Deltix’s advanced proprietary simulators. Run them with playback or live data and simulated paper-trading accounts along with pre-trade risk limits enacted in the most realistic test harness available before going live.

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Live Trading

Deploy ready-to-go strategies and algos on Deltix's Trading Server to trade on single or multiple exchanges simultaneously. Trade fully automatically or semi-automatically in a high-performance, safe, and controlled environment. Monitor your trading ecosystem with a multitude of tools and applications addressing the needs of different business users.

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Risk Control and Monitoring

Set and monitor pre-trade risk limits on any combination of attributes such as global, trader, account, exchange, team, etc. Use standard risk measures, such as exposures, draw-down, frequency, size, volume of trades, etc. and easily develop your custom limits with the provided SDK. Monitor the risk state of the system via out-of-the-box applications or develop your own screens.

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Comprehensive Deployment Options

Deploy the entire system or parts of it on the cloud, in-house, collocated or with any combination of these for unmatched flexibility depending on your business and budgetary preferences.

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High Performance Application Servers

Gain an instant advantage over your competition by utilizing QuantOffice's high-performance ecosystem, designed to process millions of messages per second with low latencies using generic out-of-the-box hardware, tunable to microseconds where demanded.

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Reduce TTM and TCO by leveraging hundreds or man/years of our investment to deliver battle-tested, time-proven high-performance products, tools, libraries, and APIs to build the most demanding research and trading capabilities covering the full cycle of systematic trading on energy markets.